Theatre Askew
New York City, 2006

Time Out New York
"It is delicious fun watching evil people do awful things to one another. But I, Claudius Live is funner than fun. It is a banquet of shtick, including every conceivable comic device: wink-wink double entendres, extermporized jokes, anachronistic topical references, sight gags, funny faces and riffing off the audience. It is staged broadly and briskly like a farce, yet has been laced with thought-provoking political parallels to give us food for thought when we aren't laughing our heads off."
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The Village Voice
"Theatre Askew's politicized deconstruction of everyone's favorite BBC neoclassic is clearly destined for some legendary status of its own..."

HX Magazine
"When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in the East Village in a play about Rome, do it with gays, trannies and as little clothing as possible - especially when it’s I, Claudius Live!, a six-part parody of the epic 1976 BBC miniseries from Theatre Askew (2004’s award-winning Bald Diva!)."
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Production dates: January 23 through February 27, 2006
Theatre: Ace of Clubs

Cast: Darien Bates, Nathan Blew, Tim Cusack, Jennnifer Doerr, Rick Gifford, Tony Hagopian, Kate Hampton, Jack Herholdt, Jason Jacobs, Armistead Johnson, Jeffery James Keyes, Antoinette LaVecchia, Bianca Leigh, Jennifer Malloy, Jerry Marsini, Donnie Mather, Joanna Parson, Brian Patacca, Todd Schmidt, Erik Sherrm Paul Siemens, Brian Simons, Elenna Stauffer, Chris Tomaino, Andrew Thaman

Creative Team: Production Stage Manager: Sarah Locke; Assistant Production Manager: Darien Bates; Sound and Music: Matthew Pritchard; Graphics: Chris Kalb; Sound/Light Technician: Brian Cole; PR: Spin Cycle (Ron Lasko, Chip Duckett)