Theatre Askew | home sweet home
Alexendra Beller | dance-theatre impressario
Kathryn Blume | actor/writer/activist triple-threat
Fractured Atlas | liberating, supporting, and health-insuring the artist!
Polly Frost | brilliant creator of erotica+horror+social satire
Julio Vincent Gambuto | smartest, funniest new voice from Staten Island
Lynn Harris |relationship superhero and so much more
Chris Kalb | Web and Graphics Wunderkind
Jeremy Lawrence | your one-man stop for Tennessee Williams, Albert Einstein, and rescuer of lost queer songs for Weimar cabaret
Joanna Parson | comedienne, actress, and constant inspiration!
Jill Plevan | Amazing healing and acupuncture found here
Robin Vest | Stage design magician
viBe Theatre Experience | empowering theatre program for teen women | New York's independent theatre-makers have no greater friend than Martin Denton and his website.
Humordrome | Brilliant flash design, web production and creative services found here! 

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