Theatre Askew
New York City, 2004
"Stylishly directed by Jason Jacobs, who co-conceived the project with dramaturg Jamee Freedus, the show is flawlessly paced and brought to vivid life by the talented ensemble cast...It's not necessary to be familiar with Ionesco's play to enjoy Bald Diva!; Theatre Askew's production stands on its own as a richly theatrical and utterly entertaining spectacle...This is a production well worth seeing, and you should get your tickets while you still can."
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"The Best of 2004 | TheaterMania's editors identify the theatrical highlights of the year
3. Bald Diva! | A queer adaptation of The Bald Soprano, this play by David Koteles mimics the basic structure of Eugene Ionesco's absurdist masterpiece. However, Koteles and his cohorts in Theatre Askew completely reinvented the characters' language to incisively and hilariously comment on the gay male scene in modern day Chelsea."
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"...this production...achieves both a sense of gay camp and parody while also creating a pitch-perfect absurdist feel. Equally impressive is that Koteles has provided the cast with a script that has the richness of Ionesco's work while standing firmly on its own. Under Jacob's direction, the cast rises to the occasion and flawlessly executes Koteles's work."
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"Playwright David Koteles and director Jason Jacobs (who co-conceived this play with Jamee Freedus) show us contemporary urban gay culture via the lens of Ionesco’s 1950 absurdist masterpiece, The Bald Soprano. Like Soprano, which is a hilarious satire of post-World War II complacency set in a middle-class British couple’s middle-class British interior, so Diva takes place in the Chelsea living room of an archetypal gay couple in the post-AIDS present."
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Read an interview and conversation with the creators of Bald Diva!
NYTheatre Voices by Tim Cusack,

Production dates: February 5 through March 6, 2004
Theatre: The Red Room East 4th Street, NYC

Cast: Nathan Blew, Tim Cusack, Julio Vincent Gambuto, Jeffrey James Keys, Jerry Marsini, Terrence McCrossan, and Matthew Pritchard

Creative Team: Jason Jacobs, Co-Creator/Director; David Koteles, Co-Creator/Playwright; Jamee Freedus, Co-Creator/Dramaturg; Misha Siegel-Rivers, Stage Manager; Erik Flatmo, Scenic Design; Daniel Urlie, Costume Design; Charles Foster, Lighting Design; Chris Kalb, Graphic Design