June 2010
Theatre Askew Youth Performance Experience, NYC

The second original production created with LGBTQA youth from the New York City area, with theatre professionals as project mentors. Inspired by the strength and wisdom held by young people within the LGBT community,this project explored the writings of Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces) to ask how the stages of the archetypal hero's journey apply to the real lives of LGBTQA youth. The production emerged from 5 months of intensive playwriting, discussion, and rehearsals exploring what it means to be a "hero". What happens when consider our own experience as a hero's journey? Who is a hero, who gets to assign the title of hero and do we even need heroes anymore?

Written and Performed by: Luis Alcantara, Patrick T. Bolling, Philip Lao, Nefertiti Martin, Lance Montanez, Aaliyah Morgan, Sephology

Staff: Jason Jacobs, Director & Producer; Winter Miller, Playwright Mentor, Heather Olmstead, Production Mentor, Lily Raabe, Costume Design and Production Intern; Jen Varbalow, Set Design; Matthew Prtichard, Sound Design; Timothy M. Walsh, Gretchen Winterkorn, Counselor; Lighting Design; Joseph Skronowski, Electrician; Dre (Charming), Tim Cusack, Associate Producer; Assistant Director; Eleet Lucheonnie, Production Assistant; Julia Kulaya, Wardrobe Intern.

Photos by Gustavo Monroy

Graphic Design by Chris Kalb