Theatre Askew
New York City, 2007

The Village Voice
"i google myself is queer in the best sense of the word: self-consciously outside of the mainstream, looking in with intelligence and wit."
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"an insightful and entertaining window into our society's preoccupation with fame and recognition, and how Internet innovations like blogs and online chats promote one's quest to be known, even as the same technology can lead to a debilitating isolation that increases the need for connection."
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"Cusack plays One with such hunger and sensitivity - he yearns for a bond in an isolated world."
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"The breathless pace of the thing, which is splendidly realized by director Jason Jacobs, is relentless and compelling, and nothing feels unbelievable or even contrived."
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Production dates: June 14 through July 13, 2007
Theatre: Theater Under St. Marks

Cast: Nathan Blew, Tim Cusack, John Gardner

Creative Team: Writer: Jason Schafer; Director: Jason Jacobs; Set Design: Robin Vest; Costumes: Daniel Urlie; Lighting Design: Charles Foster; Sound Design: Matthew Pritchard; Fight Direction: Nathan Decoux.